Notarantonio Consulting is now focused also on strategic consulting for Italian and foreign companies that have the ambitious project to develop a business in the nautical sector on the island of Cuba.

We will not describe in this article this large portion of the Caribbean, however, is impossible not to underline the surreal atmosphere that brings tourists back to the 50s.

An island that amazes you with expanses of royal palms, sugarcanes and long white sandy beaches.

Land of revolution and of music, but at the same time, Cuba fascinates you with the serenity of its atmosphere and the vitality of its people.

Investors increasingly ask us why they should invest in Cuba in the nautical field.

Here are ten good reasons to do it now:

  1. Foreign Investment Promotion.

The Cuban Government, in order to encourage and promote foreign investment, as an indispensable element for sustainable development in the country, has issued legislation that encourages foreign companies to invest their capitals in order to start new production, trading and services activities.

2)      Taxation and incentives:

The law 118/2014 provides special forms of protection for investment, and incentives for foreign companies that start projects of fundamental interest to the Cuban nation (tourism is considered among those interests); This legislation allows also to obtain reduced taxation, that is to say, total tax exemption for up to ten years on income produced in the country.

3)      Opening to tourism:

In confirmation of the Cuban Government’s desire to encourage foreign investments in tourism, it worth remembering that the World Travel Awards 2018, considered the most prestigious award in the travel industry, has been given to three Cuban hotels: Princesa del Mar, in Varadero, the Gran Hotel Kempinski and the Nacional of Cuba, these last two are situated in Havana.

At the same time, in the nautical field, is already under development the program for the expansion and modernisation of the numerous and evocative marinas already in existence and it is an evidence, confirming the confidence that the Cuban government has in nautical tourism for the growth of the country.

4)      Cuba – unexplored land:

The island of Cuba is the only Caribbean island still almost unexplored by tourists, especially for what concerns recreational boating.  Entire coastal areas are unexplored until now, and what about the fascination of discovery!

5)      The exponential increase in charter requests:

In recent years, there has been a very strong increase in the requests (not satisfied) of this type of tourism.

6)      Geographical position

Cuba, due to its geographical position, is a forced access point to transit from South America to North America, and vice versa. Furthermore, Cuba is very close to the USA: Key West is less than 90 miles away from Cuba.

7)      Offshoring

The Cuban government see tourism as the source from which draw to improve the skills and the professionalism of the population; what could be better considering the record in the ability and inventiveness of Italian companies in the nautical sector.

8)      Attention to the environment

The Cuban government has always been sensitive to respect for the environment.

Some coastal areas, such as the amazing Jardines Del Rej, have been declared – since 1999 – World Heritage Site from UNESCO.

9)      Climate

Subtropical climate let exercise the activity of charter for 9 months a year: the boating season is much longer than in the Mediterranean.

  1. Superyacht refitting activities

There is no doubt that the strategic location, which is a forced transit passage for S/Y from the USA to the Caribbean and vice versa, the island of Cuba will become over time the ideal logistics platform for refitting tasks.

We are sure that expert stakeholders will not miss the opportunity to invest, at the right time, in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world. In conclusion an obvious, but true consideration: the firsts that take these opportunities will surely have a privileged position over the ones who come after them.

May the wind always be at your back!